Priti og Baard

Beautiful moments from the wedding day, in the sunshine in Bergen. When traditions and culture from different worlds merge into a beautiful whole. And we could immortalize this for them.

Anna og Daniel

Wedding film for Anna and Daniel, which proved that even in difficult times with restrictions due to the coronavirus, love cannot wait. This is how they decided together with their loved ones to seal their love.

Advertising Film

Haraldsplass Diakonale Hospital - Bergen Luftteknikk AS

Replacement of old ventilation systems and installation of modern central ventilation systems at Haraldsplass Hospital. The main contractor for the project was Bergen Luftteknik AS. The entire project lasted only 6 weeks in the summer of 2023. THE MOMENTS VIDEO followed the construction team throughout this period, documenting all of their work. The film, as per the client's request, was intended to showcase the entire process from dismantling to completion of the work.

Åsane Arena 

Promotional video showing the implementation and installation of ventilation systems in the large sports arena Åsane Arena, carried out by the company Bergen Luftteknikk A.S. - leading in ventilation in Bergen.

Real estate filming

Video real estate.

Our real estate filming service offers professional and attractive video films that help effectively promote properties. Our experienced team utilizes the latest film equipment to capture every detail and charm of the property. Our films present interiors and exteriors in a way that attracts the attention of potential clients and helps them better understand the value of the property being offered. Thanks to our service, real estate agents and sellers can effectively stand out in the market and increase interest in their offerings.

Video 4 Fun