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With modern equipment, skills and experience, you can be sure that you choose a professional who will meet your expectations and vision for the film.
Taking the camera is what is fleeting - that's my motto. That is why I put my whole heart and passion into each of my orders to create a film/advertisement that will be unique for my clients.
I invite you to familiarize yourself with the unique offer of The Moments VIDEO
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Wedding Films

The wedding day is an important event that we want to remember as long and as pleasantly as possible.
Choosing a filmmaker who captures not only the image but also the joy of that day and its special moments is an important choice. I give you this joy. Take a look at the wedding film packages and choose the one that suits you best and will keep this important moment and special moments for you for years.
Advertising Films

Advertising Films

From year to year, the share of film advertisements in the media and social networking sites is clearly growing. Today, when running a business, you cannot stay behind and not use this most effective form of advertising. If you have launched or intend to introduce a new product or service, such advertising will help you reach many customers at different levels.
Contact us and together we will determine what type and in what format of the advertising video you need to effectively promote your product and company. You will then receive a high-quality advertising video on a budget that suits you.
Real estate filming

Filming of real estate for sale

Short film forms are becoming more and more
popular every year.

This also applies to the real estate market, where a promotional video showing the property can fully show its advantages and the surrounding area. The film that shows the interior helps to easily orientate the location of the rooms, and additional shots from the drone allow you to show details not visible from ground level.
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